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Product Name: vanillin
CAS No: 121-33-5
Product Type: Catalysts & Chemical Agents -> Others
Product spec: --
Post Time: 2010-08-26
Description: Detailed Product Deion Vanillin also called Methyl Vanillin, can be widely used in food, drinks, cosmetics and tobacco industries as flavouring. Vanillin is fine aroma chemical with stable and long lasting fragrance, is especially widely used in candy, cake, bread and bakery industry. Specifications: Appearance: White or pale yellow crystalline powder Purity: Min.99% Loss on drying: Max. 0.5% Melting point: 81-83 C Residual Lignite: Max. 0.05% Heavy metal: Max. 0.002% Lead (Pb): Max. 0.0003% Arsenic: Max. 0.0002% Total plate count: Max. 1000cfu/g Yeast and mould: Max. 100cfu/g Coliform: absent/25g Salmonella: absent/25g Package, Storage and Shelf Life:Packed in Cardboard Drums or Carton boxes with PE inner. 24 months under dark, seal, cool and dry conditions.
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